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The Squadron:

The good boys.





The bright outgoing, always positive one. An easy drinking IPA with plenty of hops and citrus notes, but doesn’t beat you over the head.


• India Pale Ale

• ABV: 7.3%

• IBUs: 75

Sturdy. Our weizen, plenty of wheat, banana, and a little extra alcohol.


• Hefeweizen

• ABV: 6.0%

• IBUs: 17

The grease man. An English style that delivers, flavor, body, and aroma, while keeping you ready for what may come. One to keep by your side.


• English Mild

• ABV: 4.5%

• IBUs: 17


The wild card. One never knows what Stewart is into, pursuing the recesses of his mind, Frisbee golf, underwater welding...who knows.


• ?

• ABV: ?

• IBUs: ?

Black Squadron:

The bad boys.





He’s dark and bitter. A Black India Pale Ale with something to prove. Big in booze, hops, and malt. Delicious.


• Black India Pale Ale

• ABV: 10-11.0%

• IBUs: Way up there

The noble. Oatmeal Stout done in traditional form, smooth oats blend with chocolate and roasted malts.


• Oatmeal Stoat

• ABV: 6.5%

• IBUs: 20

A real charmer, let Lloyd be your Sherpa into the abyss. Our Russian Imperial Stout, notes of roasted coffee, chocolate, and piney hops.


• Russian Imperial Stout

• ABV: 10-11.0%

• IBUs: 80


This one goes to eleven. A silly none more black beer.


• Style: ?

• ABV: 11.0%

• IBUs: Way the fuck up there.

Alternate Squadron:

The Reserves...





The God Father, where it all started. Charles, our Belgian-Style Quad, is one to relax with and discuss things of little relevance to everyday life.


• Style: Belgian-Style Quadrupel

• ABV: 11.0%

• IBUs: 24

A rather peculiar one, deep and rich, but has a bite. Bela, a red ale by looks, accompanied with plenty of earthy hops.


• Style: American Red Ale

• ABV: 8.0%

• IBUs: 88

It’s a pumpkin beer.


• Style: Pumpkin Beer

• ABV: 8.0%

• IBUs: 22.2

Belgium n’ Hobbs

Your crazy drunk uncle. The behemoth, B n’ H, only stops in for a few days, sleeps on the couch, but man does he bring a good time. Our Belgian? Barleywine? Big, beautiful, beer.


• Style: Belgian-Style-ish Barleywine-ish Quad-ish

• ABV: 15-20%

• IBUs: 22